Ten Questions to Help Your New Year’s Resolutions (or Other Goals) Stick Permanently

So it’s been a month since the new year started and I’m sure many of you decided to do something differently. If you’ve been able to keep it up and aren’t showing any signs of stopping, then well done. But if you’ve found that you are slowing down or have completely stopped, never fear, because the following questions will help:

  1. Did you set goals?
    The mind doesn’t interpret the average goal very well. It’s hard for your mind to help you achieve something if that something isn’t mapped out in a way the mind finds useful. Consider SMART goals to give your mind a good chance. Scheduling is also part of this.
  2. Did you make this a priority in your life?
    Vowing to do something means making sacrifices to make it happen. If you want to do more of X it will mean less of Y.
  3. Did you detach from your desire for comfort?
    Your comfort zone will hold you back once the novelty has worn off. You need to push through discomfort in order to gain ground. Just don’t overdo it.
  4. Did you work on your self-awareness?
    You can’t change if you’re on auto pilot. You need to become aware of what you’re thinking, feeling and doing, in real time.
  5. Did you do it every day?
    Or if not every day, on a regular basis? Habits are incredibly powerful.
  6. Did you realise that only you and you alone can create progress for you?
    While your motivation might increase by agreeing to do your new activity with another person, it also increases your chances of failure. Two people means twice the chance of a flat tire, a personal emergency or a lack of motivation. The best motivation comes from within (and it can be built up over time).
  7. Did you modify your environment?
    Your environment, if left unchanged, may seduce you back to your old ways. If you’re giving up unhealthy food, stop buying it. If you’re running or cycling, set it up so that you can’t stop half way. Make it so that you don’t have a choice.
  8. Did you address who you think you are?
    The way you perceive yourself needs to change as well. If you’re trying to achieve something that you’ve never been able to do before, you should think about who you think you are and what you believe is possible. Beliefs can be changed.
  9. Did you address your overall health in conjunction?
    Your health is the foundation for everything that you do. While you don’t have to become some kind of health fanatic, getting your nutrition, exercise and rest in order will work wonders.
  10. Did you heed Yoda’s words?
    “Do or do not – there is no ‘try’.” Too often I hear people say “I’m trying to give up X” or “I’m trying to do Y”. Stop that. Just do it. Commit. (This is of course different from trying something new for the experience.)

The more of these you do the more chance you’ll give yourself to achieve what it is you set out to do. And if you need, life coaching can help you to develop plans, motivation and solutions.

Are there any questions that you would add to this list?


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