I Don’t Feel Like Doing It

Of course you don’t feel like doing it. Getting up early to go to the gym or taking a bit of extra time to prepare a healthy meal – your mind and body look for the easy way out (which is completely normal).

But remember – the gains you make occur when you push your limits. You need to step outside of your comfort zone, which by definition is uncomfortable.

And that’s ok! Risk and reward go hand in hand, and in this case, all that you’re risking is your time and comfort, really. Which is not a bad bet, since you know that the extra time and energy spent on exercising or eating healthily are tried and true.

Start learning to notice when you don’t feel like doing something you know is good for you and you’ll have taken the first step down a rewarding path.

What is “I don’t feel like doing it” stopping you from achieving?


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