About the Blog

Mostly ideas and techniques relating to life, the mind, the body and getting ahead. Self-awareness and change are core concepts that appear in one form another from time to time. New posts are created spasmodically. Email subscription will ensure that you don’t miss out!

About Scott

Passionate about personal development, Scott’s vision is for a world full of people moving towards happier and healthier lives. Scott graduated from Rotterdam School of Management with a Master of Science in Business Administration in 2014, and from Curtin University with a Graduate Diploma in Coaching in 2010 and with a Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in 2006.

What does an engineer know about coaching? Engineering is about understanding how things work so that they can be improved or so that problems can be solved. Coaching (and psychology in general) are about understanding people and how they work. Coaching is about working with people to solve their problems.

About the Business

Happier and Healthier Coaching provides life coaching, public speaking and facilitation services.