Too Much Want – Learning to Separate Wants and Needs

The other day I saw an internet photo of an overweight (and clearly overfed) dog, with the caption “Too Much Want”.

It got me to thinking about human behaviour and how we react similarly. Barring any immediate and significant negative consequences, if something we desire is put in front of us, we’ll probably take it. Short term gain appeals more than long term planning, whether it be in regards to food, money, health or other things.

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Getting to the Next Level

Ever noticed how certain structures in place within our world create a strong desire to get to the next level? Customer rewards programs, employment and even computer games, like World of Warcraft. It seems that a desire to get to the next level is one that is wired up deep within us.

But what if our energies were being directed at the wrong things? What if we are spending too much time and energy getting to the next level for the wrong reasons?

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