If One Person Calls You an Ass, Ignore Them. If Five People Call You an Ass, Buy a Saddle.

The quote

“If one person calls you an ass, ignore them. If five people call you an ass, buy a saddle”.

What does it mean?

When people give you feedback about something you’re doing, there is going to be “noise” in the system. You shouldn’t necessarily believe a small sample of feedback. But when a large number of people tell you the same thing, there is likely to be some truth to what they are saying.

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Why I Changed My Style of Handwriting

When I was young, I learnt how to write in cursive, or “running writing” as we called it. I used this style of handwriting for years to follow.

Eventually, large amounts of writing became more and more important at school. When I sat exams, I thought my style of hand writing was readable, not like a lot of other peoples’, and therefore I would be fine.

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Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail

New year’s resolutions are great – they get people to think about how they want to make positive changes in their lives. And most people start out fine, with good intentions and motivation to get them going.

The critical part that many people often miss, though, is when their minds and/or bodies start rejecting a new regime. People often don’t notice the little excuses and lies that the mind and body can throw at them, which ultimately lead to the downfall of our new, well-intended resolutions.

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