If One Person Calls You an Ass, Ignore Them. If Five People Call You an Ass, Buy a Saddle.

The quote

“If one person calls you an ass, ignore them. If five people call you an ass, buy a saddle”.

What does it mean?

When people give you feedback about something you’re doing, there is going to be “noise” in the system. You shouldn’t necessarily believe a small sample of feedback. But when a large number of people tell you the same thing, there is likely to be some truth to what they are saying.

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Ten Questions to Help Your New Year’s Resolutions (or Other Goals) Stick Permanently

So it’s been a month since the new year started and I’m sure many of you decided to do something differently. If you’ve been able to keep it up and aren’t showing any signs of stopping, then well done. But if you’ve found that you are slowing down or have completely stopped, never fear, because the following questions will help:

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When Everyone Has the Problem Except You

When everyone else has the problem except you, then chances are it’s not them. The person who is always fighting the uphill battle against others probably needs to reorient themselves.

The problem is helping them to see it.

And the next time you catch yourself saying “Why can’t anyone else see it?!”, take a step back and ask yourself if this is what’s happening to you.

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