How to Lie to Yourself… and Fare Better Than if You Didn’t

I work away from home regularly. When I am away, I stay in a hotel. I have my own room and bathroom, which are cleaned for me. I don’t have to pay for electricity, water or gas. A variety of food is prepared and cooked for me and I don’t have to wash up afterwards. I am picked up before and dropped off after work. I have access to a gym and a pool, which I use to keep myself fit and healthy. In fact, about the only thing I do for myself is wash my own clothes (getting a hotel to wash your clothes is always so expensive anyway) and they have dryers, which makes the whole process more convenient.

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A Deep and Powerful Technique for the Mind

As a heads up, the content of this post may sound weird to some. But bear with me – I will explain a deep and powerful technique for the mind that the general population isn’t aware of.

Some of you may already be aware that we each see the world through different lenses. You may have heard the saying “perception is reality”. Our beliefs about the world and about ourselves shape the information that we receive through our senses. And if you don’t believe me, start by checking out Schema Theory. Every bit of information passes through filters (which I generally call beliefs).

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Your Other Blind Spot

Sometimes hearing feedback is hard. I’m sure I speak for most people when I say that I would prefer to know what I’m wrong by others so that I can do it different in future.

The key to this is finding out what you don’t know about yourself. An interesting framework for thinking about this is the Johari Window. It is a model which represents what we do and do not know about ourselves and what others do and do not know about ourselves.

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