Ten Questions to Help Your New Year’s Resolutions (or Other Goals) Stick Permanently

So it’s been a month since the new year started and I’m sure many of you decided to do something differently. If you’ve been able to keep it up and aren’t showing any signs of stopping, then well done. But if you’ve found that you are slowing down or have completely stopped, never fear, because the following questions will help:

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It’s About Time You Started Doing One Thing

There’s something you’ve been wanting to do. It’s there, on the backburner. Whether you’ve said you’ve been wanting to do it for years or you’ve started and stopped many times, it’s there waiting.

It’s about time you started doing it. In fact, why not start now? I mean that seriously – start now.

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The Easy Way To Do Things

The easy way to do things… is not always the best.

Like water and electricity, humans naturally seek the path of least resistance. We are wired to conserve energy wherever possible (and this includes having to think). Unfortunately this can be a recipe for disaster in the long term.

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