Making Effective Use of Your Time

Are you making effective use of your time? Do you schedule what you need to get done? Do you find opportunities to tick more things off the list when you didn’t expect to be able to?

Being organised with your time pays off. There are so many things to do, see and experience in this life. Why do we waste them away so easily? Because of some biological wiring that tells you to conserve energy?

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The Benefits of Running in the Rain

It’s been cold and rainy here in Perth the last several weeks. Thousands of people have given up their exercise routines for the warm and comfort found in their own homes.

I wouldn’t blame you if you’re one of them. It’s a pretty natural reaction to stay in your comfort zone and conserve energy. Most of these people, however, know that they should be sticking to a regular exercise regime.

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How Bad Health is More Than Just Bad Health

I saw a TV advert the other night for a health insurance company which said that “your health is all that matters”.

While I don’t entirely agree with this, I do believe that your health is extremely important. In fact, your health is the foundation from which you build the other important aspects of your life. Without that strong foundation, the strength of the other aspects of your life decreases.

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