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Achieving goals is easier with the help of a life coach.


Life Coaching in Perth is often misunderstood

Some people think "life coaching" is about telling or teaching others how to live their lives.

Proper coaching is far from this.

Life coaching is actually about...

Getting you unstuck...

Everyone loses motivation or finds themselves stuck in a rut from time to time. A good coach can help you over hurdles you may not realise are even there.

Achieving your goals more quickly...

A coach knows techniques to help you increase your motivation and discipline. Moving towards your goals is easier with the help of an external party.

Just like top sportspeople have coaches to help them succeed.

Life coaching can help you achieve...

...what you might have thought was impossible.

Happier and Healthier Coaching helps people in Perth to achieve their goals

Locally owned and run from Perth, join the growing number of satisfied clients coached by Scott. In particular, know that the coaching you receive is:


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No two clients are the same. Proper coaching fac­ilitates change in a client's life using what works for the client, not generic "advice".


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Tried and tested processes that have been shown to lead to results, not just feel-good rhetoric or inspira­tional quote recitations.


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University level training that exceeds typical coaching short courses. Be assured your coaching is of superior quality and foundation.


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Whilst there is merit in discussing problems, finding a solution and progressing towards it is often more time-efficient.

Measured outcomes

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Coaching that involves quantifying your progress where appropriate. Keep track of what is working and what is improving.


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Adherence to the code of ethics set out by the Intern­ational Coach Feder­ation. Find out how ICF member­ship ensures quality.

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