Providing and Receiving Feedback Presentation

Today I’m off to Kinross Dental to run a session on “Providing and Receiving Feedback” for the practice’s staff. This is quite a common issue in a workplace – sometimes staff members can be too blunt and other times they withhold too much. Most of the time, however, feedback isn’t as well received as intended.

If your organisation needs a presentation like this, then please let me know. I’d be happy to talk about options to suit your needs.

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Conflict Management, Effective Delegation and Project Management Presentations

Today I’m off to do a combined session on Conflict Management and Effective Delegation for Ngala. I haven’t presented this session before, having spent the last several weeks working on it, so I’m pretty excited.

If your organisation or group needs a presentation on these topics (or on Project Management, which I’ve also done recently), then I’d be more than happy to discuss this with you. Alternatively, if you need a different kind of presentation, that can be discussed too.

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