What is life coaching? Critiquing definitions from multiple sources

I believe there is some confusion over life coaching definitions and what life coaches do. Indeed, different coaches use the term “life coach” to mean different things. As a result, I’ve compiled a list of different definitions to help people get a better of idea of what I think proper life coaching is and how it might differ from other types of coaching. Additionally, I’ve added my comments on what points I agree with, disagree with and otherwise.

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How does life coaching work?

As a coach, I’ve been asked this question many times: “How does life coaching work?”

I don’t think this can be answered simply. Many factors influence the ways that different life coaches work with their clients. For example, the type and depth of a coach’s training can play a major part. Additionally, the coaching industry is unregulated, meaning that anyone can start a coaching business. Life coaches without accredited training (such as is approved by the International Coach Federation) might have very different offers to those trained by reputable organisations.

However, I have outlined some factors that I think are quite common between coaches who have training in line with coaching best practices.

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How to find a good life coach

A good life coach can be hard to find quickly. Like most products and services, people are generally willing to spend money when they get:

  1. A minimum level of quality
  2. For the right price.

Unfortunately, evaluating quality can be difficult for people searching for life coaches. The tips and suggestions below, however, should help you in your search to find one that suits you.

How much should good life coaching cost?

To start with, I think there are questions you need to ask yourself. For example, how much:

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