How to find a good life coach

A good life coach can be hard to find quickly. Like most products and services, people are generally willing to spend money when they get:

  1. A minimum level of quality
  2. For the right price.

Unfortunately, evaluating quality can be difficult for people searching for life coaches. The tips and suggestions below, however, should help you in your search to find one that suits you.

How much should good life coaching cost?

To start with, I think there are questions you need to ask yourself. For example, how much:

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Ten Questions to Help Your New Year’s Resolutions (or Other Goals) Stick Permanently

So it’s been a month since the new year started and I’m sure many of you decided to do something differently. If you’ve been able to keep it up and aren’t showing any signs of stopping, then well done. But if you’ve found that you are slowing down or have completely stopped, never fear, because the following questions will help:

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