What My Upcoming Adventure Will Both Cost Me and Provide Me

I’m about to embark on an adventure that both excites and scares me. I’ve chosen to study a master’s course in General Management in The Netherlands. It lasts a year and a half and it’s a long way from home. I have no contacts there.

My decision has not been made lightly. I will be leaving behind friends and family who have been with me through thick and thin. I’ll be giving up activities and routines that bring stability and security to my life. I’ll no longer have two jobs which have brought me immense overall satisfaction and a comfortable income. I know about four to six weeks in, I’m going to hate my decision and question why I chose to do it in the first place (see this explanation of culture shock).

So what do I think I will get out of it, then? Firstly, I’m going to really be pushed out of my comfort zone, leading to personal growth (which I absolutely love). I’m going to try lots of new things, because experience is an amazing teacher. I’m going to travel around Europe and see as much of it as I can. I’m going to do my best to use a new language (Dutch), and will even change my phone’s and my computer’s languages accordingly. And I’m going to meet a bunch of great people, have some unforgettable times and experience all that I can.

Never fear, however – this blog will continue! It has been a bit of an experiment from the start, but I am committed to posting about my latest thoughts and ideas to help you get ahead in life. The coaching, public speaking and facilitation, however, might have to be put on hold…


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