Volunteering and its Effect on Happiness

This weekend I’ll be attending John Curtin Weekend for the tenth year in a row. While volunteering is something that looks good on a resume or enables you to go places cheaply, these aren’t the reasons as to why I do it.

Volunteering has an effect on happiness – a positive one. What makes us happy?, published by Australian Unity and Deakin University, reports that “people who volunteer generally report higher levels of happiness”.

Reflecting upon my various volunteering experiences, I would have to agree that it has this affect (on me, at least). Not only do you get that warm, fuzzy feeling from helping out (which is somewhat selfish, but that’s ok), but if you go on a group project, it can be quite social too. Volunteer enough and you will collect some wonderful, high quality (and happy) friends.

What are you waiting for? Go find a local volunteering organisation and get involved!


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