It’s Never About You

In a similar vein as to why all people only act selfishly, I’d like to suggest the following:

Anything that anyone does is about them. It’s never about you.

When someone gets angry at you, it’s because they reacted to your actions. When someone belittles you, it’s because they felt the need to feel bigger than you. When someone doesn’t listen to you, it’s because they chose not to listen.

This does not mean, however, that I am recommending doing as you please since you are not responsible for other people’s reactions. You could wind up feeling very alone one day.

I am also not recommending you try to please everyone. People are imperfect and they are going to react to your actions no matter what.

What I am suggesting is that you start to realise the difference between something that is your issue and something that is someone else’s issue. You will have learnt a great skill when you can sit back and simply observe someone reacting without being pulled into their drama.


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