How Bad Health is More Than Just Bad Health

I saw a TV advert the other night for a health insurance company which said that “your health is all that matters”.

While I don’t entirely agree with this, I do believe that your health is extremely important. In fact, your health is the foundation from which you build the other important aspects of your life. Without that strong foundation, the strength of the other aspects of your life decreases.

If you don’t sleep well, you will tire more easily during the day, you will have poorer overall concentration and you won’t perform at your best.

If you don’t eat well, you will have lower energy levels, you will have poorer concentration and you can develop ailments that will kill you by mid life.

If you don’t exercise, your muscles and bones will become weak, you will miss a chance to decrease stress and you will fail to move lymph around your lymphatic system (which bolsters your immune system).

If you don’t take the time to unwind, relax and recuperate, then you will keep pushing your mind and body past their limits, ending up in you falling sick, building up stress and eventually leading to burn out.

The more of these you don’t do, the more the other aspects of your life fall behind. Bad health is just the start of living an unhealthy life.

If there’s something that you should be doing more or less of, then it’s time to change. It’s that simple.

PS And if you find it hard to change your habits, personal coaching has been shown to provide the motivation you need to make your changes long-lasting.


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