It’s About Time You Started Doing One Thing

There’s something you’ve been wanting to do. It’s there, on the backburner. Whether you’ve said you’ve been wanting to do it for years or you’ve started and stopped many times, it’s there waiting.

It’s about time you started doing it. In fact, why not start now? I mean that seriously – start now.

Nike really hit the nail on the head with “Just do it”. By putting off goals, you are effectively saying that you don’t want what you want.

Read that again – you don’t want what you want. Illogical, right? If this is the case, chances are, you have one or more emotions keeping you in your comfort zone. And while our comfort zones are nice and comfy places to be, they are the opposite place from where we need to be to grow.

Start now. Build up slowly. Keep going. Make success inevitable.

PS If it is currently physically impossible for you to achieve what you want at this point in time, then that’s ok. Do it when it is next reasonable for you to assume you can and seek medical advice if necessary. While it’s important to push yourself, it’s also important to build up gradually.


  1. *Likes This*

    I have about 4 things I’m trying to juggle. I just need to “do it” – although I feel it’s something I’m going to time manage and have to “set”.

  2. I think that the habit of setting times to do things is great, especially if you commit to making it happen when that time comes around.

    The critical part is catching yourself when your old habits kick in (not sticking to a schedule) and forcing yourself to adhere to your new way of operating (working off a schedule).

    Who knows – you may also discover that the schedule doesn’t work as well as you wanted it to. Or you might find an even better way of getting things done.

    Reflect. Refine. Repeat.

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