Things You Can’t Live Without

To me, “wants” and “needs” are two very different things:

  • A want is something that would be nice to have.
  • A need is something that without which you would die.

Needs are relatively easy to satisfy – food, water, clothing and shelter are some of the basics. Our lists of wants, however, seem to keep growing and filling with things that add less and less value to our lives.

Why not do away with things that you don’t truly need?

By cutting down on the rubbish that society has convinced you that you need to have, you can free yourself from things like:

  • Keeping up with the Joneses
  • Eating food that your body doesn’t need
  • Submitting to the clever marketing tricks designed to convince you that you need to buy a company’s products when you really don’t

Being trapped is expensive. Freedom is priceless.


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