If One Person Calls You an Ass, Ignore Them. If Five People Call You an Ass, Buy a Saddle.

The quote

“If one person calls you an ass, ignore them. If five people call you an ass, buy a saddle”.

What does it mean?

When people give you feedback about something you’re doing, there is going to be “noise” in the system. You shouldn’t necessarily believe a small sample of feedback. But when a large number of people tell you the same thing, there is likely to be some truth to what they are saying.

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Your Other Blind Spot

Sometimes hearing feedback is hard. I’m sure I speak for most people when I say that I would prefer to know what I’m wrong by others so that I can do it different in future.

The key to this is finding out what you don’t know about yourself. An interesting framework for thinking about this is the Johari Window. It is a model which represents what we do and do not know about ourselves and what others do and do not know about ourselves.

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