To Change Who You Are You Have To Change Who You Think You Are

When someone is encouraged to do something they don’t normally do, you might hear them say “This isn’t me”. Some people just aren’t that into ice skating, painting, running a business or whatever. I’m sure you can think of many things that just “aren’t you”.

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The Perfect Christmas Gift – A Special Offer

The perfect Christmas gift is hard to define. Some thoughts:

  • At its core, it is a gift which adds significant value to the recipient’s life.
  • Different gifts offer different people different levels of value.
  • “Perfect” doesn’t necessarily have to be 100% perfect – it just has to be valuable to the recipient.
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The Middle Ground Between Caving and Confronting

There’s a certain wisdom to accepting all that comes along, to cave in and go with the flow. Being able to move with change allows you to conserve what others waste by resisting it.

There’s also a certain wisdom to fighting, to confront some opposing force and make your mark. Putting in the effort to create change allows you to achieve what those who simply stand by are unable to.

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The Use of Different Types of Power in Relationships

[Updated January 2017] During a life coaching session with a client the other day, I got to thinking about power use between people and its effects. One model that I am aware of was developed by French and Raven, two social psychologists, who proposed that there were bases of power. In 1965, Raven updated the model to include a sixth factor.

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