Conflict Management, Effective Delegation and Project Management Presentations

Today I’m off to do a combined session on Conflict Management and Effective Delegation for Ngala. I haven’t presented this session before, having spent the last several weeks working on it, so I’m pretty excited.

If your organisation or group needs a presentation on these topics (or on Project Management, which I’ve also done recently), then I’d be more than happy to discuss this with you. Alternatively, if you need a different kind of presentation, that can be discussed too.

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When Everyone Has the Problem Except You

When everyone else has the problem except you, then chances are it’s not them. The person who is always fighting the uphill battle against others probably needs to reorient themselves.

The problem is helping them to see it.

And the next time you catch yourself saying “Why can’t anyone else see it?!”, take a step back and ask yourself if this is what’s happening to you.

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The Time of Your Life

Time is one of our most precious resources. Unlike money, health or knowledge, it’s not something that we can guarantee we’ll have more of if we work for it.

It might be worth pondering the follow questions about your use of time:

  • What would you regret not doing if you found out were about to die?
  • What do you need to invest your time in to be happier and healthier?
  • What activities are robbing you of time?
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Are Our Argumentative Politicians What Our Country Really Needs?

The other day, I switched on the TV during a meal. I observed what was apparently “Question Time” for the House of Representatives (forgive me if this is incorrect, but politics is not a forte of mine).

What I observed, however, was hardly what I would describe as “question time”.

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