An Easy Fix for Tiredness

An easy fix of tiredness is…


“Well, duh!” you might say, “But I want something that gives me energy when I need it.”

Unfortunately, I have some bad news for you – stimulants like caffeine and sugar might pick you up, but they’ll make you plunge afterwards, making the situation worse.

When you feel tired, that’s your body’s way of letting you know that it needs rest! And what do most people do when they feel tired? They have caffeine or sugar. So rather than getting the rest that it needs, the body is forced to keep going.

So take breaks and rest when your body needs it. Get the right amount of sleep on a regular basis. Take a 20 minute powernap if you need it. If you have trouble calming your mind, try meditation or mindfulness. Try this if you’re having trouble getting to sleep.

You may also want to consider nutrition and exercise – my energy levels changed significantly when I started exercising regularly and eating relatively healthily.

Look after your body. After all, it’s always looking after you.


  1. Lee-Onn

    Mate didn’t want to say anything… but it’s “An Easy fix” not “A Easy Fix”

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